This Brilliant Invention Makes It So Much Easier To Go To The Bathroom With A Baby

r/mildlyinteresting via Reddit

As a parent to a young baby, leaving the house can be one of the most daunting tasks. It can feel near impossible to pack everything you may need while out and about for the baby—bottles, diapers, etc.

Plus, what if you need to go to the bathroom while you’re out with them? It’s not like you can just leave them outside, obviously. But have you ever tried peeing while balancing a newborn on your knee in such a small area? It’s not fun!

Luckily, some genius came up with the perfect invention to make it a million times easier to go to the bathroom in a public space with your infant.

In a recent Reddit post, someone shared an image of a bathroom stall (that they saw wihle in Japan) that has a convenient spot to place your kid as you do your business on the toilet. The baby seat is just a few feet from the toilet so the baby isn’t far from you at all—perfectly safe and sound in your close proximity. And, as we’d imagine, pretty content!

Luckily, it seems that this baby bathroom seat isn’t just located in Japan. People responded saying that they’ve seen variations of the seat in states like Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and many others.

Overall, parents of the world love this idea.

“If you’ve ever tried to use a restroom and hold a 9 month old child you immediately recognize the value of this concept,” someone wrote.

Most people just wish this contraption was in all public bathrooms everywhere.

“These seriously need to be in public bathrooms. Do you know how hard it is to pee when a two year old is trying to unlock the door??” someone else said.

“My area needs these. I have a daughter coming up on 2 years old, and bathroom time when it’s just me and her is the worst. I’ve never used a bathroom in a public space when I’m the only parent out with her, and there’s a reason for that,” another fed-up mom said.

“I currently have a 9 month old and it’s awful trying to use the restroom while out of the house. I can’t just out him on the floor! One handed pantsing is a feat I never thought I would be proud of,” someone else wrote.

Have you ever seen a seat like this in a public restroom? What are your thoughts on it?