Inexpensive Scar Erasers!

Multiple abdominal surgeries (the result of cancer) left me with a large, thick, raised, “zipper” scar running from my sternum. With each surgery, all performed within a nine-month period, the scar grew in both length and width.

While I didn’t really care about its appearance, it was terribly itchy and easily irritated. My surgeon (a very well-respected doctor) told me to save my money on super-costly Mederma–a tiny tube of which cost nearly 40.00. He advised me to use Vaseline or a similar petroleum jelly instead. He believes that it works much better than Mederma and its ilk.

My mother received the very same advise following varicose-vein surgery at our state’s renowned teaching hospital. Both of us tried it with good results. Mom has even used it successfully on her face following the removal of several birthmarks.