11 People Talk About the “Incorrect” Ways They’ve Seen People Eat Certain Foods

There are multiple ways to prepare foods. We love creative recipes that give a fun twist to traditional recipes. It’s always fun to try new food combinations and foods that we’ve never tried before.

Even though there are multiple ways to prepare foods and endless recipes, there are certain foods that are supposed to be eaten a certain way. For example, you probably have certain foods that you will always eat with a fork and different foods that you will always eat with a spoon. Anything different would just seem wrong.

Then there are finger foods that would seem very odd to eat with silverware. Remember that Seinfeld episode where George ate a Snickers bar with a knife and fork? It’s just wrong.

People eating food in unusual ways is not just fiction. It is unfortunately reality as well.

One Reddit user asked, “Certain foods have a ‘correct’ way of eating them. What are some wrong ways to eat those foods?”

The community chimed in with many examples of foods that they have seen people eat incorrectly. Scroll down for some examples of food you may not have realized could be eaten “wrong.”

  1. Canned Soup

    Reddit user DeathSpiral321 wrote:

    Eating canned soup by drinking it straight out of the can like a beverage.

  2. Cereal

    This sounds like a challenging way to eat:

    Eating cereal with a fork.

  3. Bananas

    Pamplemousse96 wrote:

    My sister is a freak of nature and she eats her banana kind of like corn on the cob. She will peel the banana halfway and then scrape the sides with her teeth making it shiny and then she would eat the center remains. I think she should have been put up for adoption Edit: I will say she’s smart enough to not do this in public, she does this in the privacy of being at home where her family can shame her

  4. Steak Sauce

    Shared by Reddit user -0-7-0-:

    Once I had a substitute teacher just drink an entire bottle of steak sauce. One go. In my personal opinion, there is no right way to consume steak sauce, but that man found one of the worst. Seeing it slowly glug-glug-glug down his throat, its pure viscosity making each swig a concentrated effort, was absolutely horrifying. I never wish to see something that unpleasant again.

  5. Orange

    Another Reddit user added:

    One day I was walking home and a friend was walking the same path. He was the kind of trouble maker kid who was genuinely funny and knew when to actually stop when things got too far.This time he didn’t. I gave him my orange and he said “thanks” right before eating it like an apple. I almost fell over by how disgusting it was. He didn’t flinch. He didn’t spit out the peel. He didn’t do anything. It was so wrong

  6. Spaghetti

    Ahkmet-the-Gamer wrote:

    My 1st generation Italian wife prepared spaghetti for me before we were married. I asked if he she cared how I ate it. She was like… no… so I asked for a knife and fork and cut it up. She was mortified.

  7. Tacos

    Shared by Reddit user Gliph88:

    I had a friend in High School who would eat a taco in the most peculiar way that I am at a loss to easily describe. He started by taking a huge bite out the top middle, then he would eat the little flaps around his bite mark and take another bite out of the middle and nibble off the edges again. When all the lettuce, tomato and cheese parts were gone and it was just a little tortilla boat of meat he would just eat that all in one go. I should mention that the last I heard about him there was speculation he was now working for the CIA…

  8. Ice-Cream Cones

    Written by yungtweaker:

    Eat an ice cream cone from the bottom up

  9. Onion

    One Reddit user added:

    Bite into an onion

  10. String Cheese

    Written by QuinnMallory:

    String cheese without peeling it.

  11. Hamburgers

    Evil_Kaa shared:

    I knew someone who would eat a burger layer by layer, from the top down. Now, eating a burger with a knife and fork is one thing, but layer by layer (also with a knife and fork) is just a whole other thing I don’t have the mental or emotional strength to deal with.