This “Inappropriate” Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle Left Viewers Stunned

Yahoo Entertainment

Not all television shows are appropriate to watch with children, but usually daytime television shows on network TV are pretty safe. Take game shows, for example. Shows like “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy” can be educational and fun to watch together as a family. The kids can even compete at home to see if they guess the answer before their parents.

Viewers of the game show “Wheel of Fortune” were surprised by a puzzle that’s answer was considered quite “riske” and “inappropriate” by many viewers who quickly turned to social media to share their shock and jokes.

A contestant named Adam Goodell was the one who guessed the correct answer. Afterwards, host Pat Sajak, said, “Uh… it’s a grilling expression.”

Those on Twitter disagreed with Sajak’s explanation about the puzzle, and they responded with joke after joke.

One Twitter user decided to try to explain how the puzzle was not “sexy.”

That didn’t stop viewers from finding the puzzle hilarious.

Do you think the puzzle answer was inappropriate, hilarious or just an ordinary puzzle?