15 People Share Important Life Lessons That They Learned Too Late in Life

Rangizzz via Deposit Photos

Ever found yourself wondering “why hasn’t anyone told me this before?” after learning a really valuable lesson? Sure, sometimes value comes after you’ve already failed, but that’s where #12 on the below list comes in—and everything else.

In a recent Reddit thread, people sounded off about the top lessons they wish they learned sooner. Don’t miss the boat on these important life lessons!

  1. Nice People Aren’t Always Nice

    “Just because someone seems nice at first, doesn’t mean they’re a good person.”

  2. Take Chances

    “You have to take chances sometimes, and although it can be scary and outside your comfort zone you’ll never know what could’ve been unless you go for it.”

  3. Don’t Smoke

    “Smoking isn’t worth it. Don’t even get curious. Tobacco isn’t like weed, it’s quickly addictive.”

  4. Don’t Settle Because You’re Scared of Being Lonely

    “Being alone is less lonely than being married to the wrong person.”

  5. You Can’t Help People Who Don’t Want to Help Themselves

    “Unless a person realizes, admits, and is receptive to being helped and helping him/her/itself, you’re just wasting your energy and probably adding to your own stress.”

  6. Be Aware of Other Drivers

    “You can be the best driver on the road, but you can’t control everyone else. Always keep your head up and drive safe.”

  7. Don’t Always Trust Your Colleagues

    “Never trust your boss or coworkers to not stab you in the back for their benefit.”

  8. Brush Your Teeth

    “Brush your tongue, too. That’s where stank breath lives.”

  9. Be Wary of Your Effort at Work

    “Don’t kill yourself working at a job that would replace you without a second thought. Also, don’t assume people will automatically notice hard work. Some only look for results.”

  10. Other People Don’t Care What You Think

    “They’re more worried about themselves, and you aren’t the first thing on their priority list.”

  11. It’s Okay to Not Have the Same Dreams as Your Parents

    “That the disappointment of your parents will be far shorter lived than the unhappiness you’ll endure by trying to make your life fit their perfect picture.”

  12. It’s Okay to Fail

    “That’s how we learn. I used to be so afraid of failing that I never tried.”

  13. Ask Your Grandparents Questions

    “Listen to your grandparents’ stories and ask them as many questions as you can about their lives and family history, etc. All 4 of mine passed when I was too young to truly appreciate any of the above.”

  14. You Are Capable of Success

    “I spent so long doubting myself and not doing things because I didn’t think I could.”

  15. No One Actually Knows What They’re Doing

    “EVERYONE is making it up as they go along. Your teacher, parents, pastor, Army Generals, CEO’s, everyone. No one has 100% true answers.”

What’s a lesson that you learned a little late in life that someone might be able to gain value from?