“Helpless” Wife Opens Up About Watching Her Husband’s Health Decline from COVID-19 via FaceTime

While many people end up getting COVID-19 and make a full recovery, you really never know who will end up getting extreme symptoms and end up intubated in the hospital.

Monique Horbaczewski never thought her husband Bob would end up struggling for his life due to COVID-19. She describes him as “an ox.” He’s in great shape and doesn’t have any underlying medical conditions. 

Back in December 2020, Monique, Bob and their children all contracted COVID-19. Everyone in the family recovered except for Bob who ended up in the hospital. On Christmas Eve he was intubated, and he is still in the hospital fighting for his life. Doctors tell Monique that he needs a lung transplant in order to survive, but his medical condition needs to be stable enough for surgery first.

In the meantime, Monique is not able to visit Bob or see him in person. She can only see him via Facetime, and her heart is breaking. She explains, “I thought I had a lifetime of hugs and love and smiles and kisses.” She says that she told Bob that if he recovers she will never take another hug, kiss or even fight for granted.

Watch the video below to hear from Monique and to learn more about Bob’s condition.

If you would like to help the Horbaczewski family, a family friend set up a GoFundMe which has already raised over $24,000. The description reads, “Bob, who never gets sick, ended up in the hospital due to difficulty breathing.  Family cannot visit with the current restrictions, and his condition is critical.” It goes on to explain, “Bob and his family need our prayers for strength and healing. Bob’s wife Monique is a dear friend and has such a big heart for helping others, and it is now time that we all give back.  Any amount makes a huge impact, and if you could even just spare a few minutes to lift Bob up in prayer, that means more than you know.”

Do you know anyone who has struggled or lost their life due to COVID-19? Does it surprise you that someone without any underlying health conditions would have such a hard time fighting off this virus?