Husband Holds Up Sign Outside Wife’s Hospital Window for 10 Days While She Battles COVID-19

We’ve heard lots of sad stories related to Covid. We’ve heard stories about people getting hospitalized and regretting that they didn’t get vaccinated. We’ve heard stories of family members dying in the hospital. This is not one of those stories. This is a sweet story, or at least as sweet as it can get related to Covid.

Donna Crane got sick with Covid. She was so sick that she ended up in the hospital. Obviously, that can be scary for both her and her family members. Her husband was not able to visit her inside the hospital, and being apart didn’t make the battle any easier.

Although Donna was physically distanced from her husband, Gary Crane, while she was battling Covid, he came as close as he possibly could. Every day she was in the hospital he would drive to the parking lot outside her hospital window. He had a sign with him that he would hold up so that she could see it. This was every day for 10 days right at 8am.

Gary explained, “I know she was going to be scared and I couldn’t be there with her, and I just wanted her to know that I’m there.”

Donna’s nurses knew that her husband was going to be outside holding up the sign for his wife. They made sure she was able to see it. Donna explained that the nurses would prop her up so she could see out the window.

After 10 days in the hospital, Donna was able to go home. She fought Covid and survived. We’re sure that the encouragement and love from her husband helped her to keep fighting.

Watch the video below to see what the sign Gary held up said and to learn some more good news that Donna and Gary have to share.