Wife Uses Their Young Kids To Try To Become A Big TikTok Influencer. Is Husband An A-Hole For Threatening Divorce If She Doesn’t Remove The Content?

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When a man and woman get married, it’s important for them to be on the same page about a lot of things, like where they will live, if they’re have children, and if they decide to have children, how they will raise them.

One husband is furious at his wife about parenting decisions they made together that he feels that she has ignored. He’s not wrong. And now he’s threatening divorce.

He shared on Reddit that his wife wants to be an influencer and told him that she wants to post mommy blog type posts on TikTok and YouTube. Before she ever even started sharing this content, they mutually agreed that she wouldn’t share their children’s faces online.

Then one day the husband decided to check out his wife’s accounts. He wrote, “I recently watched her channel because I thought it be cute so see what she does in her day to day life.” He was horrified at what he saw. He continued, “I found our children faces in almost all of her content.”

He confronted his wife about the content and told her to take it all down or he wants a divorce. Now she’s complaining that becoming an influencer “is her dream and deleting her content will ruin it.” She also doesn’t feel that showing her children’s faces is a big deal. She told her social media followers that her husband is “over controlling and narcissistic,” and now her followers are mad at him too.

The husband asked Reddit if he is overreacting, and the overwhelming response was no, that he is putting his children first and his wife is just using them for profit. One comment reads, “You are protecting your children, not controlling your wife. Like you said – her first priority is making a video of what she does as opposed to actually taking care of her children.”

Another person commented, “Your wife is never going to be an influencer. What she will end up being is a neglectful/abusive parent. Your children will never have privacy when it comes to her influencer aspirations.”

Do you think the husband is overreacting by insisting that his wife remove all videos that show his children’s faces? Do you think she should agree to remove all of the content?