How You Can Bring the Cost of Shaving to 2 Cents Per Shave

While there are many cheap options for shaving, it can be hard to tell which method is actually the cheapest. Trent at The Simple Dollar took a serious look at the cost per shave of many different shaving methods. Here were some of his findings.

According to Trent, the cheapest and easiest method is to buy a large pack of cheap disposable razors. He suggests the 30 Bic TwinSelect disposable razors that he gets on Amazon for $9.57. Each razor in this case costs about $0.32.

Now, there’s one great trick to use that will help you use that $0.32 razor about 15 times, dropping the cost of each shave to about 2 or 3 cents. Investing in a disposable razor blade sharpener will make this possible. Here’s what Trent says about it:

It seems to extend the life of a cheap disposable razor to about fifteen shaves, dropping the cost of a generic disposable down to about $0.02 per shave. With a cartridge-based system, I’ve been using the same cartridge I got with my Gilette Fusion for Christmas virtually every day using the razor sharpener. We’ve almost reached the six month mark and it still works fine without nicking or cutting me. I just use it after each shave. It is getting a bit rougher than it used to be so I will have to move on to the second cartridge, but it’s dropped the price per shave for the cartridges down into the $0.02 to $0.03 range.

This, of course, doesn’t include the prorated cost of the sharpener, which cost $20. However, the item is basically indestructible, which means that I’ll continue to prorate it down. If I use it for seven years (which seems very possible), it will have dropped to one cent per shave.

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