How to Save $50-$100 on Haircuts

One way I save money is to trim my own hair in between haircuts. I find that by trimming the hair around my ears and cutting my bangs I am able to increase the time in between haircuts and make fewer trips to the barber shop.

I have a cheap little WAHL hair clipper set which I use to trim the hair around my ears. I saw one of these sets retailing for $20 at Walgreens this weekend. Walgreens often offers a $5 off $20 coupon every couple of months so you could purchase one for $15. This should pay for itself within 3 months. You can also find clippers on ebay for under $20.

Another useful tool helping to increase the time in between barber visits is thinning shears. These shears contain teeth on one of the cutting edges so they only cut half the hair with each snip. These are great for thinning out you hair.

I’ve seen a few videos online showing you how to cut your own hair. I learned primarily through trial and error. It takes a little while getting used to cutting your hair by looking into a mirror but you start to get the hang of it after a little while.

I’ve calculated that trimming my own hair in between haircuts keeps me out of the barbers chair for an additional two weeks. So instead of getting my hair cut every 4 weeks I get it cut every 6 weeks. This saves me from paying for 4 additional haircuts per year which at $15 per haircut saves me $60 a year.