How to Position Your Pillows To Help You Sleep Better

Here at TipHero, we’re always looking for new ways to make your lives and ours easier, happier, and healthier. Sometimes that means a new habit we need to add to our routines; other times, it’s a simple-but-vital cleaning tip; and sometimes it’s a fresh way of thinking about old-school wisdom. And the best tips? Well, they combine all three!

When does this combination happen? When we’re finding and sharing ways to improve the way we sleep, that’s when! After all, there are few things as important for everybody to do for their health as get a good night’s rest, and way too many of us struggle to do so. If we can help you improve your sleeping habits, we will!

So far in our journey toward optimal sleep, we’ve discovered key information about everything from our sheets to our mattresses to our pajamas. Now, we’re focusing on the final piece of the puzzle: pillows, and how to use them!

Yes, we said “how to use them.” Now, we can hear you already: “What’s complicated about using a pillow?” Nothing! We’re not here today to tell you which kind of pillow on which to rest your head, or how to plump it for neck support. If you love your current pillow, keep it!

No, what we’re talking about today is adding to the way you use pillows in your bed, and none of them have to do with your head at all. This video from The Telegraph demonstrates three unusual pillow positions you’re going to love. Grab some extra pillows, and use them in these unexpected positions for the best night of sleep yet.

If you sleep on your back . . .

. . . put a pillow under your knees!

Why? Because doing so relieves the pressure on both your lungs and the small of your back. If you’re a back sleeper who struggles with sleep apnea, snores, and/or wakes up feeling sore or short of breath, this pillow position is one you definitely need to try.

If you sleep on your stomach . . .

. . . put a pillow under your belly!

Why? Because like putting one under your knees for back-sleeping, putting a pillow under your stomach for front sleeping helps you to breathe better and easier, a key component for healthy, restful sleep— and, you know, life in general. A pillow under your stomach relieves pressure on your neck, and relieving that tension helps you breathe more clearly.

And what if you sleep on your side or in another position? For that, be sure to watch The Telegraph’s video below, and to see a demonstration of the right way to position those pillows for a great night’s sleep.

So what do you think of this pillow-positioning advice? Were these ideas new to you, or have you always had extra pillows in your bed for a better night’s sleep? Do you think you’ll give any of these positions a try? What’s your favorite type of pillow to use? Let us know what you think, and share any of your own better sleep secrets, too!