How To Organize A Craft Room Using Things Around The House

Let’s GET ORGANIZED! Here are tips and ideas to organize your craft room using things you have at home!

The first thing you want to do is take an inventory of all your supplies.

Think about what it is you are wanting to accomplish with your craft room. When you take inventory of your supplies, consider how often you use them and how much storage space you need.

Once you get a sense of everything that you have you will then be able to determine if you need more space. This will help you figure out your goals and priorities.

If you have a lot of supplies you do not use, get rid of them. You don’t have to throw them away, you can give them away on Free Recycled Stuff, a church, schools, daycare centers, or a local organization.

Next, group all your supplies by theme or color. For example, group all your sewing supplies, threads, and buttons in one area and your paints and paint brushes in another area.

Of course, there are several ways to go about grouping your craft supplies and what works best for you. If you have a collection of supplies that are unique to a particular craft, it may make more sense to group those materials together. Otherwise, group your supplies separate such as ribbons in one area, beads in another. Decide what makes sense for you and get your supplies sorted.

If space permits, each craft needs its own workstation so that your paint supplies don’t spill on your fabric supplies. Determine if you will be standing or sitting at each station and set it up accordingly, such as making sure you have a chair at the stations you will be sitting at.

Start with the large items first, get your furniture pieces in place, determine where your workstations will be, and get your large storage containers put in their place. After this has been done, then you are ready to being organizing your supplies.

If you have furniture with drawers, use the drawers to store flat paper items, and scrapbook paper. If you have bookshelves store your baskets and larger containers there.

Put the smaller things in clear or glass containers. Check around the house before buying containers, re-use jars, paint the lids and add a label, save yogurt containers, cover shoe boxes with scrapbook paper, use re-sealable plastic food containers, baskets, and containers with multiple drawers.

To start organizing your supplies, arrange your storage containers in a line on the floor with the lids off. Use a label maker, printables or just notepaper and label each container according to its craft item.

You may need to create an extra container labeled “miscellaneous” for the various odds and ends you need but don’t have a place in your other containers for.

After all your supplies are in containers and labeled add the lids. You will either want to keep these containers out on your workstations or put them away in a cabinet or drawer, this will depend on their size, how much space you have to work with and how often you will be using them.

Also, go vertical and utilize your wall space with a peg board to hang supplies and baskets on or for a shelf.

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