How to Get Rid of Cold Sores – Cold Sore Remedies

When we asked the Tip Hero community Do You Have a Favorite Home Remedy?, we received over 40 helpful tips from the Tip Hero community on remedies for everything from upset stomachs to congestion to topical burns with 9 of the tips related to getting rid of cold sores fast:

  1. When I feel a cold sore coming on, I reach for the lysine tablets. I’ll initially take one or two tablets and maybe do that again once more the next day, and then take one a day afterwards for a couple of days. I no longer get huge cold sores any more and when they do come on, they’re gone really fast with this tactic. Posted by anonymous
  2. i take 1000 mg l-lysine daily and do not get them at all! Posted by anonymous
  3. I used to take l-lysine daily and it did prevented cold sores, but I found I had to increase the dosage every year in order for it be effective. But when it began demanding 3000 mg a day I decided to quit. Posted by anonymous

    Instead, I quit using caffeine and now the breakouts (without l-lysine) are only 3-4 times a year.

    To help them dry out faster apply salt water; or eat salted, in-the-shell sunflower seeds. Posted by anonymous

  4. When I feel a cold sore coming on, I apply an ice cube wrapped in a paper towel to the area (for about a 1 minute at a time). It really slows the progress of the sore so I usually don’t need any topical medicine at all! Posted by Terri C.
  5. a great way to heal sores in the mouth. Use equal parts liquid Benydryl and Mylex, or any generic brand. Shake well and rinse mouth several times a day. It works! Posted by anonymous
  6. Apply Hydrogen Peroxide on a cold sore it will stop it. At the first sign of a cold sore, I take a needle and poke the skin and apply the hydrogen peroxide, a few times during the day and it will not be sore, goes away quickly. Posted by anonymous
  7. When I am feeling a cold sore coming on, I put a dab of Pepto-Bismol on. Let it dry and put on again in about a hour or so. It will turn your lip a lovely pink. Posted by Helen
  8. For cold sores go to a health food store and buy lavendar oil for around ten dollars for a bottle that last a very long time. At the first sign of a cold sore rub a drop or two on. Do this several times a day. The cold sore will disappear in a day or two. It is unbelieveable… Posted by anonymous
  9. For the cold sores, I only take the lysine tabs when I feel a cold sore coming on, not all year round. That’s too much work, effort, etc. Posted by Zoe

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