How to Get Discounts at Salons and Spas

Do you stay away from the spa or salon because of ridiculous prices? There are ways to get spa services on the cheap if you want to treat yourself once in a while. You just have to know where to look. Here are some tips that could help you out:

Pre-book Your Appointment

Even though they may not advertise this perk, a lot of spas are willing to give you a discount if you prebook your appointment in the next available slot they have. Just ask and you may receive.

Request a Sampler

If you’re new in town or a new spa or salon has opened up near you, try asking about their best “sampler” offer. This could include mini-services featured at a discounted price so that the spa can attract new customers. The sampler price is typically a lower price than a single service and might also net you a discount on your next full service.

Check the Social Media Networks

More and more spas and salons are now using social media marketing tools including Twitter and Facebook to offer exclusive deals and specials. Keep up with your favorite beauty spot by subscribing to their Twitter feed and adding a Facebook “Like” to your favorite pages. You can find coupons or online-only deals throughout the week to save on that next treatment.

Check Daily Deals Sites

Sites like Groupon and Living Social offer deals on spa and salon services all the time. Just make sure you check the fine print and make sure you’ll be able to take advantage of the deal easily. You can save 50% or more off of services this way.

Editor’s note: you should also check out sites like Lifesta for deals that have expired on other daily deals sites and are discounted even further from sellers who don’t want them. I’ve found some amazing deals on spa services this way!

For more helpful tips, head over to US News’ How to Get Discounts on Salon and Spa Services.