How This Reader Hasn’t Caught a Cold Since the 80’s

from Tip Hero L.D.Meyer

On the subject of cold prevention, I’ve always drove truck around this glorious country all my adult life. Well back in the early 80’s I come down with a real high fever and it hung on for several days. So that fall I went and got a flu shot to try and head off another episode like that, I’m telling you there is nothing more miserable than being ill on the road. The one thing I discovered is that I’ve never come down with a fever like that again but, I haven’t had what they call a common cold since then. Evidently by shoring up my immune system with a flu shot it also protects me from a variety of viruses. Back to that common cold thing, one thing about our immune system is once our system champions a virus you can never catch that particular strain again however, they estimate that there are 250-300 strains of the common cold, so it’s not all that common is it? I recommend getting a flu shot in October because it takes 4-6 weeks to fully support you immune system, you should be protected weeks before the flu season begins. Of course there is no substitute for a good diet. When out in public use your forearm to push doors open when possible and keep your hands away from your face, use tissues once and throw it away, don’t use handkerchiefs, you’re just carrying the cold around with you. I don’t consume pork (religious reasons, ok, so I keep Kosher) and very little red meat and never red meat with dairy, mainly fish and poultry and a cornucopia of fruits and veggies. I know some people are dead against vaccines but they should change their attitude towards flu shots. I’ve been getting a flu shot every year for over 30 years and have nothing but good things to report about the vaccine. People use the excuse they got a flu shot one time and caught the flu, well that’s impossible because the vaccine is cultured from a dead virus and it takes weeks to come to full strength. If they come down with the flu it was strictly by coincidence, they must have already contracted the virus prior to getting the shot. I would not recommend getting a flu shot when you’re not feeling well. Well I hope this clears up some myths and falsehoods about flu vaccinations. Well live long, live well and stay healthy, your health is your first wealth. Adios n’ Hasta La Bye Bye! Shalom!