15 People Share Their Worst “How Do You Not Know How To Do This?” Moments They’ve Experienced With Another Adult

DmitryPoch via Deposit Photos

There are some things in life that warrant instructions—putting together IKEA furniture, for example. However, other things might qualify as common sense…at least to most of us, especially when you’re an adult.

However, there are some things that, while they may seem obvious to you, they don’t come naturally at all to another grown-up. In a recent Reddit thread, people sounded off about the most ridiculous things people had to explain to another adult. You won’t believe some of these examples!

  1. Tying Shoes

    “I had to teach my friend how to tie his shoes, he either wore velcro or tucked the laces into the shoe up until that point.”

  2. How to Make Ice

    “My wonderful, selfless, beautiful younger brother asked me how to make ice last year. He’s 24.”

  3. Hitting Enter

    “I had to teach my boss how to “go down to the next line” by hitting Enter on his computer keyboard.”

  4. Washing Hands

    “Had to ask my roommate to please wash his hands after touching raw chicken. He was cool to just…go about his day before I asked. He thought I was being a wacko neat freak.”

  5. Not Putting Metal in the Microwave

    “Every few weeks I catch my roommate trying to put his metal tea strainer in the microwave. This is despite the fact that our first week living in this apartment, he destroyed the microwave and had to pay for a new one because he put a metal tea strainer in the microwave.”

  6. How to Make Pasta

    “My roommate wanted to make pasta. She put a pot on the stove and poured the noodles in (no water in the pot), turned on the stove. After a while she asked me “how come these aren’t getting soft like when my mom makes them?””

  7. STD Prevention

    “My best friend was sleeping with a new guy. She said she wasn’t sure of his sexual history but she was on the pill to prevent STD’s. I was like umm…”

  8. Writing a Check

    “[I had to tell someone that] if you write a check, you actually have to have that amount of money in your account.”

  9. Properly Shampooing Hair

    “Someone told me that their husband would put shampoo in their hair and not rinse after applying. The husband for his entire life wondered why his hair was always greasy.”

  10. Basic Cooking Skills

    “I had a roommate at university who’s “cooking” method was put baked beans in a Tupperware, seal the lid, turn on microwave, when lid pops and explodes beans everywhere they’re cooked.”

  11. Poultry Hygiene

    “When I took a food-safe course someone asked if they could wash a turkey with dish soap. He failed the course.”

  12. Tampon Basics

    “My friend in college once lamented, “ugh. I have to pee and I just put a tampon in like five minutes ago. I hate having to pull them out dry. Also it’s such a waste.”

  13. How to Make Brownies

    “My roommate made brownies from a box. The box instructions say “grease the bottom of an 8×8 pan before pouring in the brownie batter.” You bet you’re a** this bitch picked up the 8×8 pan, flipped it over, greased the BOTTOM of it, and then flipped it back over and poured in the brownie batter.”

  14. That Buying in Bulk is Cheaper

    “60-year-old woman was shocked that I bought 12 cans at once. Then she was shocked again to find out buying in bulk is cheaper.”

  15. How Banks Work

    “No, the bank doesn’t keep record of your cash transactions. We have no way of knowing if you paid $6.97 in cash at the dollar store.”

What’s the most ridiculous thing you ever had to explain to another adult?