This $159,900 House Listing Looks Modest at First, But the Inside Is Truly Bizarre

@frazierapproves via Twitter

If you have ever been in the market to buy a house, you have probably scrolled through dozens or even hundreds of real estate listings. Many houses are similar. Listing agents often urge sellers to take a lot of their personality out of their home before taking professional pictures. Rooms are often staged to make them appealing for a wide range of potential buyers. Beige is a common wall color. Family photos are often taken down. Excess toys and furniture may be packed away. You get the idea.

Sometimes clients don’t pay attention to their real estate agent’s suggestions when trying to sell their home. This can result in some rather unusual photos. While the photos may get your attention, we can certainly see how they could be off-putting to potential buyers.

Recently, there was a house for sale in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and once you see the pictures of the inside of the home, you’ll probably realize that the former owners didn’t do much to tone down their personal style before listing the house for sale. Although the home looks average enough from the outside, the inside would only appeal to a select few buyers.

The backyard is a little bit more impressive than you would expect from the street.

But the inside is where the, shall we say, “fun” begins. For starters, we weren’t expecting that spiral staircase. This 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home is bigger than we expected. The living room is intentionally decorated in a “13th century castle” theme.

Now, here comes the unusual part. Check out that wallpaper. This is just the beginning. According to the home’s description, “a talking space alien greets you as you walk toward the floor to ceiling, outer space wall mural.” 

The outer space theme continues into the dining room which the listing agent described as a “command center” that “opens up to the spaceship main bridge-working computer & controls from an apache helicopter.”


One of the bedrooms has a “tropical island” theme. That looks like actual sand on the floor.

After seeing so many themed rooms, this bedroom that was clearly used as an office looks just as boring at the home’s exterior.

This home was listed for $152,500. Do you think the new homeowners will keep the themed rooms or do a complete renovation to make the home a little bit more normal? Would you ever consider buying a home that was decorated in such an unusual way?