These Are the Top 10 Hot Spot Cities for Mosquitoes in 2020

There is a lot we’re worrying about in the year 2020, to say the least—coronavirus, murder hornets, to name just a few of the things that have come out of the wacky year it’s been. But let us not forget the pest that’s been around for years and years and will be back again this summer: Mosquitos.

If you’ve forgotten about these buggers, let us remind you: They most often come out in the summer and are sure to annoy the heck out of you this season, especially if you live in certain areas.

Each year, the national pest control leader Orkin creates its top mosquito cities list, and they just released it once again for 2020. We’re sorry if you live in any of these cities that made the top 10.

  1. Atlanta, Georgia
  2. Los Angeles, California
  3. Washington, D.C.
  4. New York, New York
  5. Chicago, Illinois
  6. Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas
  7. Detroit, Michigan
  8. Charlotte, N.C.
  9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  10. Miami, Florida

If stay at home orders due to coronavirus continue through the summer, we really only have our backyards to get some fresh air in—so it’s important that you (especially if you live in these hot spots) take precautions from mosquitos. They’re not just annoying—they can hold many diseases that can be harmful, especially Zika virus.

“Zika virus is currently one of the most notable illnesses that can be spread by mosquitoes, and it will likely be a problem again this year, especially in areas where the type of mosquito that can carry the virus thrives,” explained Orkin entomologist, Mark Beavers, PhD.

This isn’t to scare you—Orkin releases its list every year so residents can be aware and know how to prepare for mosquito season.

“It’s always Orkin’s priority to protect public health, and that starts at home,” said Freeman Elliott, President at Orkin. “A safe, healthy home is more essential than ever, and we want to ensure peace of mind where we can.”

In addition to releasing their list, they also offered up some tips for taking extra precautions against yourself and family members from mosquitos in your own backyard.

For example, try to avoid having anything with extra water in your yard—water buckets, bird baths, etc.—as mosquitos love to gather in any type of wetness. That also means cleaning gutters so water doesn’t build up and attract mosquitos.

Additionally, make sure you’re regularly trimming your shrubbery if you have a lot in your yard, as mosquitoes like to breed in humid areas like these.

You can view more tips, as well as Orkin’s entire list of 50 cities with the most mosquitos here.

Who’s itchy just reading about mosquitos? Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Do you live in any of the top cities for mosquitos? How will you fight off these little critters this summer?