19 Homeowners Who Are Having a Really Tough Day

When you rent your home, any major problems that arise become the landlord’s problem. The landlord has to fix the leaky pipes or the broken fixtures, and a good landlord will. Of course, not everyone has a good landlord, which is one reason home ownership seems so appealing.

If you own a home, you probably know that it often seems like there is a never-ending list of things that need to be fixed. Fix one thing that something else needs your attention. Being a home owner can be great, but it definitely can also be challenging.

Some home owners have had some particularly terrible disasters happen to them. We’re not necessarily talking about disasters so bad that they would need to find a new place to live, but disasters bad enough to be time consuming and expensive to fix, not to mention very inconvenient in the mean time. We’re talking about disasters bad enough to not just ruin your day but perhaps your entire week or longer.

Scroll down to see some epic problems home owners have encountered. Hopefully nothing like this ever happens to you.

  1. A Really Cute Cat Door with 1 Major Problem

  2. Lesson: Always Close the Windows When It’s Snowing Outside

  3. So Much For a Plant in the Bathroom

  4. Lesson: Never Remove a Load-Bearing Wall

  5. An Unfortunate Flood

  6. We’re Sure It Was Scary, But We Can’t Help Laughing

  7. He Should Have Listened to His Wife

  8. This Looks REALLY Bad

  9. At Least Nobody Was in the Kitchen When They Fell

  10. Sometimes Wheels on a Grill Are a Bad Idea

  11. A Major Face Palm Moment

  12. Someone Get the Screwdriver, Stat!

  13. Horrible Timing

  14. That’s a Lot of Broken Glass

  15. A Hidden Well

  16. “Damaged During Shipping” Is an Understatement

  17. Think It’s Time to Let Work Know You’re Going to Be Late

  18. We’d Be Headed to a Hotel

  19. Should’ve Taken 2 Trips