Mom Of Homeless Family Living In The Woods Cries When The Cops Show Up

CBS Sacramento

Some people see police officers as people to fear, people who might impact their lives in a negative way. Other people see police officers as people who can help, people who are there to serve and protect their community not just uphold the law.

We’ve seen multiple stories of police officers doing random acts of kindness while on the job, such as giving a homeless woman shoes and delivering pizza. Now, this is another example of two police officers who proved they really care about their local community.

It was a normal day for two Sheriff’s deputies when they spotted something that caught their attention. They were driving by the town’s Walmart when they saw a tent in the woods behind the store. They discovered that a homeless family was living in the woods.

The deputies felt moved by the sight of the mom and her children living outside, dirty and hungry. They decided they had to help.

When the deputies first approached the family, the mom was nervous. She was worried they were going to get into trouble for being there. Instead, the deputies did something that moved her to tears. The deputies helped the family find a safe, warm place to stay and even brought the family food and toys for the kids.

Watch the video below to hear more about this touching story and to hear the deputies explain why they decided to help the family.

Many people who watched this video were impressed with the deputies’ actions. One comment reads, “Great Men,,, no matter what they do for a living,,,,, still exist in our lives. Thank you brother’s for all the heartfelt love you give daily saving human life and saving everyone.”

Another viewer wrote, “GOD is sooo good to lead these Deputies to this family. GOD Bless.”

What do you think of this random act of kindness?