Home Improvement Star Arrested Again


Back in the 1980s, child star Zachery Ty Bryan played the oldest child on the hit sitcom “Home Improvement,” staring actor and comedian Tim Allen. Many child stars struggle transitioning into adulthood without hitting any bumps, but for awhile. Bryan seemed to have successfully sailed through to a life out of the spotlight but also without drama.

Now, things have changed. Bryan has been in the news multiple times in recent years. We previously told you about Bryan’s arrest for domestic violence. Now, he has been arrested again, and this time it’s for a reported DUI in Riverside, California.

Page Six reports that the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office booked Bryan into the John Benoit Detention Center on Saturday February 17, 2024. He was arrested on charges of felony DUI, and he has at least three felony priors and misdemeanor contempt of court. Bryan was released on bail on Saturday and has a court hearing scheduled for April 23.

A spokesperson for the La Quinta Sheriff’s Department spoke to TMZ about the arrest and explained that police stopped Bryan shortly after 2am because they suspected that his vehicle was involved in a traffic collision. When they talked to Bryan, it appeared that he was intoxicated, so they arrested him. 

Unfortunately, Bryan isn’t a stranger to being arrested and seeing his day in court. In 2020, he was arrested for allegedly strangling his then girlfriend. He was arrested again in 2023 following a report of a dispute between a man and a woman. That time he was arrested for felony assault. He pled guilty.

On “Home Improvement,” all problems were easily resolved in 20 minutes. Sometimes Bryan’s character, Brad, found himself in a bit of trouble, but it was nothing as serious as the trouble he’s been in since the show ended. If only all problems could be solved with a little advice from a friendly next door neighbor like Wilson on “Home Improvement.”

Does it surprise you that Bryan was arrested again? Do you think he’ll be found guilty?