Home Hair Coloring Tip

I have ditched the expensive salons in favor of coloring my hair at home. One trick that I recently discovered is for when you are applying the hair dye. If you wear glasses, like me, it is hard to see what I am doing with my glasses off, so I often times get the dye on my hairline and behind my ears. I noticed there is actually a product on the market for this problem. It is a little tube of waxy like substance and is in a container just like Chapstick. The drug store was asking 4.95 for it! I went to the lip balm area where off brand lip balm was 2/1.00 and picked one up. I applied it around my hairline and behind my ears the next time I colored my hair. When done, I simply wiped away the wax and excess color with toilet paper and voila! No mess and saved some money to boot!