Hoda Kotb’s Mysterious ‘Family Health Matter’

In 2022, it was weatherman Al Roker who was noticeably absent from the TODAY show. After more than a week, the show finally addressed Roker’s absence, and over time, more and more information came to light. In fact, when he finally returned to the show, he gave pretty specific details about having multiple very serious surgeries.

In 2023, it’s Hoda Kotb who has mysteriously disappeared from TODAY. She was last seen on the broadcast on February 17, 2023. Now, it’s March, and she’s still not back.

Obviously, it would make sense that fans were concerned. Was she sick? Was she in the hospital? Was something seriously wrong? After more than a week of being absent from the show, her co-anchors finally gave a little bit more insight into what’s going on.

On March 1, Jenna Bush Hager briefly addressed Kotb’s disappearance. She said, “Willie [Geist] is in for Hoda, and we just want to let you all know that we heard you, and Hoda is okay.”

Although Kotb is “okay,” it seems that someone related to her must not be entirely okay. Hager added, “She just has a family health matter she is dealing with.” 

TODAY and Kotb have not shared any specifics about what this “family health matter” actually is, but Kotb has been sharing some inspirational and slightly ominous posts on social media.


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Kotb’s followers are finding her posts anything but reassuring. For example, one person commented, “Your vague posts are giving me major anxiety but caring vibes. I know we will know what’s going on with time. But gosh dang it woman – please let us know what’s going on!”

Another comment reads, “Hoda, can you PLEASE tell us what’s going on? This is brutal for your fans.”

While Kotb’s posts are not reassuring, at least we now know she’s “okay.”

Kotb is not the only anchor who is missing from TODAY. Savannah Guthrie is also noticeably absent. Watch the video below for more information about why Guthrie is missing from the show.