What to Know About Those Trendy Himalayan Salt Lamps

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we’re sure that you have come across a Himalayan salt lamp (or five!) at your doctor’s office, your local spa, or even your BFF’s living room. These special lamps – which are made from precious pink salt that surround the Himalayas – are currently all the rage, and for good reason. They have quickly become a hot item that users swear by!

Sure, they may look like something straight out of a fortune teller’s shop, but when you plug one in at night, that pink-orange glow is absolutely breathtaking. Of course, they are not just meant to be ornamental; manufacturers of these items also make some pretty impressive claims as to what these lamps can offer the user.

So, let’s get down to business and discuss some of the benefits that you may reap when you plug one in at home.

  1. Air purification

    Though Himalayan salt lamps boast several big claims, the most talked about seems to be their natural air purification properties. Many fans of this product like sticking at least one of these bad boys in every room as an alternative to bulky and sometimes noisy air purifiers.

    The special process that helps to “clean the air” stems from hygroscopy, in which water molecules that contain contaminants like cigarette smoke, pollen, and dust become attracted to a substance. In this case it is the salt in the salt crystal. All of these dangerous toxins are then said to be trapped and housed within the crystal itself. Pretty neat!

  2. Less stress and anxiety

    Another buzzworthy term that is attached to these salt lamps is “negative ion therapy.” If you’re not familiar with this theory, then listen up; it’s a bit of a heady one.

    It is said that there are both positive and negative ions in the world. Positive ions come from technological gadgets like cell phones and TVs and create more anxiety and stress, while negative ions come from natural things, like waterfalls. Since Himalayan salt lamps contain a high amount of these negative ions, the idea is that they help to promote serenity.

    There are several studies that back up the virtues of negative ion therapy, and though this has yet to be proven in regards to the lamps, the theory does at least seem to hold some water.

  3. Increase in energy

    It may be time to cut back on that caffeine and plug in a salt lamp. Users who suffer from depression claim that these wonders actually help to improve their overall energy. The constant flow of negative ions work to bring you closer to nature by eliminating all of those harmful, manmade positive ions that may be filling the space around you.

    So, put down that double espresso, and plug in a salt lamp. It may just work for you!

These bestsellers certainly have made a big mark in the marketplace, but before you go out and buy one, it is important to remember that they aren’t meant to replace traditional medical therapy.

But, at about 30 bucks a pop, we say that it can’t hurt trying one out for yourself! Even if you don’t feel the benefits of the negative ion emission, at least you will be left with a beautiful piece to light up your room!

To learn even more about these bright, beautiful Himalayan salt lamps, be sure to read Shareably’s article here.

We’re also interested to hear about your take on these special lamps. Do you own one of these yourself? If so, have you seen any changes in mood, energy level, or air quality in your home? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!