Her Bikini Photos Have Gone Viral After Someone Noticed She Did Something Wrong

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Have you ever accidentally worn something inside out, upside down or backwards? While this isn’t easy to do with every item of clothing, it is entirely possible with some clothing items. For example, wearing a t-shirt backwards is a pretty easy mistake. Putting sunglasses on upside down is probably possible too, but you’d probably notice right away.

Then there are swimsuits, particularly women’s swimwear, and specifically bikinis. These itty bitty pieces of clothing that are often smaller that women’s undergarments often have long straps holding together small pieces of fabric. It’s usually pretty easy to tell how they are intended to be worn, but it can also be pretty easy to get confused.

Say you have a bikini that’s been tucked in a drawer since last summer. You pull it out for a vacation or a pool party, and for a moment, you might have to think about which way the straps are supposed to be tied. If the bikini bottoms are minimalist, it might take you a minute to figure out which way is the front and which way is the back.

Now, things are about to get even more confusing. Whether it happened intentionally or by accident, we can’t verify, but there is currently a swimwear trend that involves wearing  bikini tops upside down.

The trend started when celebrities like the Kardashians and multiple influencers on social media started playing with the way they wore their bikini tops. Think about the triangle cut bikini tops that have ruching on the bottom. These celebs turns them around so the ruching is in the middle or on the top.

Addison Rae was one of the first to jump on board with this trend when she turned her black bikini top upside down.

Now, Rae is getting creative with her swimwear again, but this time it’s the bikini bottoms that she ‘s modifying. In a recent series of Instagram pics, Rae is wearing a brown bikini. One fan account decided to track down where the bikini is from and identified it as the Clover Top and Clover Bottom from Knight Swim. In the picture of the bottoms from the Knight Swim website, we can see that the ruching is supposed to be worn in the back.

Now look at Addison’s pictures. The ruching is in the front.


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Do you think people are going to start wearing their bikini bottoms backwards to copy this trend? Do you think Rae intentionally wore the bikini bottoms backward?