Heinz Petitions to Make It So That Hot Dogs and Buns Are Sold In Equal Amounts

svetas via Deposit Photos

It’s amazing what can happen when people come together and sign a petition. Sometimes things really do change for the better. For example, when LeVar Burton‘s fans rallied behind him on social media and signed a petition to have him guest host “Jeopardy!” he actually got a spot guest hosting “Jeopardy!” In 2020, employees pushed for Juneteenth to become a national holiday, and in 2021, it is!

Now there’s another petition on Change.org, and while it might sound like a frivolous petition, you’re probably going to think about signing it because it just makes sense.

Heinz, yes, the company best known for its ketchup, has started a petition for hot dog companies and hot dog bun companies to change the way their products are sold. Heinz explained, “Hot dog wieners come in packs of 10. Hot dog buns come in packs of 8. WHY?!”

You know you’ve asked yourself this question before, but did you ever think you could possibly do something about it? Heinz did. The company wrote, “As the condiment that has been bringing foods together for over 150 years, we’ve decided enough is enough. That’s why we started the Heinz Hot Dog Pact. We’re calling on Big Bun and Big Wiener companies to find the answer to this hot dog packaging mismatch, once and for all. We need your signatures more than ever. Let’s change hot dog history together.”

Watch the video below to learn more about what Heinz is doing to try to even things out when it comes to hot dogs and buns.


Almost 3000 people have already signed the petition. The current goal is to get at least 5000 signatures.

If you’ve ever wondered why hot dog buns almost always comes in packs of 8, it has to do with the baking pans typically used to bake the buns. Traditionally, the pans were made to hold 8 buns. That’s not always true today, but it’s still the most common number.

Meanwhile, hot dogs weren’t always sold in packs like we buy from the grocery store. Originally, you would go to the local butcher to buy hot dogs. Even now, not all hot dog packages contain 10 hot dogs, although it is a very common number.

It’s also important to point out that hot dog buns can be used to hold foods besides hot dogs, like sausages, for example, and sausages typically come in packs of less than 10.

Are you going to sign the Change.org petition? When you buy a pack of 10 hot dogs and a pack of 8 buns, how do you typically eat the last two hot dogs? Do you put them on sliced bread? Do you eat them without any bun at all? Do you buy another package of buns?