Heidi Klum’s Shocking Dress She Wore On Her Making The Cut TV Show Is Making Headlines

Fashion – what’s fashionable to one person won’t necessarily be considered fashionable to everyone. Sometimes what those in the fashion industry consider fashionable looks rather questionable and even shocking to those of us watching at home.

The season finale of the reality TV fashion competition called “Making The Cut” was recently released, and while we could be talking about who won or our favorite contestants, we’re talking about something else – one of the judges. Model Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn co-host the show, and the dress Klum chose to wear for the finale has gotten a lot of attention.

They say that no publicity is bad publicity, so hopefully Klum feels the same way because a lot of people are bashing her fashion choice. The dress in question is made from a sparkly, iridescent fabric. It’s an off-the-shoulder design with a plunging neckline, and the hemline is also quite short.

While the dress looks rather revealing when Klum is standing, it goes to a whole new level of shocking when she sits down.

What makes Klum’s outfit choice even more shocking is that this season of “Making the Cut” emphasized creating outfits that were accessible to the masses and not runway looks. Each winning design was produced and sold on Amazon. Not all fans were happy with the winner. Some wished the judges would’ve chosen someone with a more innovation fashion sense.

What do you think of Klum’s dress? Do you think it was a fashion do or a fashion don’t?