This Heated Butter Knife Would Make the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

Bread and butter are the perfect combination, but spreading cold butter on soft bread can be a nightmare. If you have ever ripped a hole in a piece of bread because the butter was too hard to spread, you know what we’re talking about.

One way to make it easier to spread butter is to leave your butter on the counter to warm up before spreading it, but that’s not always possible. If you want buttered bread and your want it now, instead of settling for hard, cold chunks of butter on your bread, you could just change knives.

There is a knife called THAT! Spread That Serrated Warming Butter Knife that makes it super easy to spread butter. The trick is that the knife warms the butter to soften it to the perfect spreading consistency.

The knife is not electric. It does not need to be plugged in, and it does not use batteries. What we find most amazing is that the knife is designed to transfer heat from your hand to the butter. Your body heat is what’s warming up the butter!

This warming knife was designed specially for butter, but you don’t have to limit it to just that. You can use it to spread anything that’s otherwise difficult to spread, such as peanut butter. We’re particularly thinking of organic peanut butter that gets hard after being stored in the refrigerator.

Spreading isn’t the only thing this knife can do. You can also use it to cut foods that are otherwise difficult to cut. Think ice-cream cake or a block of cheese.

The best part about this knife is that it’s easy to order on Amazon. If you’re a Prime member, you could be spreading butter easily in just a couple days.

One thing that Amazon reviews seem to say again and again is that your hands need to be warm in order for this knife to work. Sounds pretty obvious. 

If you tend to have cold hands, it’s a good idea to warm them up before using the knife since this knife needs to transfer heat from your hands to the food you are cutting in order to work properly.

Once your hands are warm enough, it sounds like this knife works amazingly well. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “Does what it says…cuts through butter like butter!”

Another review says, “I was a little apprehensive about the knife, but it works great, it is a solid heavy knife that cuts like butter.”

We think this knife would make an amazing holiday gift, especially for that person that already seems to have everything. He or she probably doesn’t already have this knife! You could pair it with a basket of fancy foods like artisan bread, butter and spreads for an amazing holiday gift!