Nobody Believed Us When We Said He Sounds Like Johnny Cash, And Then The Music Started


Some people are natural performers, and it can be surprising how talented they are when they step on stage. We see this during “American Idol” auditions. We also see this when little kids perform at recitals.

Not every little kid is a talented musician or singer, but sometimes these performances are just as worth watching because of how cute the kids are when they are performing. Then there are the kids that are both cute and incredibly talented. That is the case with today’s video.

One little boy took the stage holding a guitar that looked too big for him. He was only in second grade, but he had more confidence than some adults.

He looked a little nervous when he first walked up to the microphone, but he quickly calmed his nerves and started his performance. Before the performance, he introduced the song he was about to sing. Then it was his time to shine.

This little second grader both played the guitar and sang a Johnny Cash song. We’re not sure what his name is, but someone from the audience even yelled, “Go, John!” most likely referencing Johnny Cash. Other audience members whistled and cheered.

As the performance continued, audience became even more impressed. By the time the song was over, they cheered so loudly the boy couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear.

Watch the video below to see this adorable and impressive performance for yourself.

Do you know any talented children? What did you think of this little boy’s performance? Would you have been as confident as this little boy to perform on stage at such a young age?