13 People Share What They Think Are the Hardest Things About Being An Adult

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There are many life skills that aren’t taught in school. “Adulting” is something that you learn from experience, but if you’re lucky, you also learned some of these life essentials from your parents.

If you have ever woken up and felt you like you didn’t want to “adult” today, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, life doesn’t often give us breaks. 

What’s interesting is the adulting tasks that one grown up dreads may not be a big deal to someone else who dreads something entirely different. For one person, the mail is super annoying. For another person taxes are the enemy. For yet others, cooking dinner is the hardest part. Yet, for others, there are much deeper problems when it comes to being an adult, such as not making friends and regretting past mistakes.

Reddit user Coffeebandit9000 asked, “Fellow adults of Reddit, what’s the hardest part of being an adult to you?” Scroll down to discover 13 different examples of the worst parts of being an adult. You’ll probably be able to relate to at least one of them.

  1. Regret

    Shared by drbaker87:

    Regret. You’ve lived enough to make mistakes that you cannot undo and the consequences may be permanent. And all you can do is wish that you had done things different.

  2. No Breaks

    Shared by procrastinateandstuf:

    You just have to keep going. There’s not the frequent long breaks of school or university terms to let you properly take a break from it all and just do what you would want to. Sure we get weekends and holiday time, but it’s not the same, because we have all that adult stuff to do and those times just disappear. There’s not that end point of a term or semester you get to look forward to.Life is relentless, basically.

  3. Expenses

    Reddit user HeyAndrewItsMeMitch wrote:

    I like to think adulthood is waking up everyday and asking yourself,”Alright, what bull**** do I have to pay for today; and how will I pay for it?”

  4. Making Friends

    Another Reddit user added:

    I don’t know how to make friends as an adult.

  5. Answers

    Shared by joel7890:

    Not having any concrete answers in life. Your peers, parents, and other adults can provide guidance and advice, but at the end of the day you have to make the choice. Often times that choice is murky at best and you have to deal with the consequences.

  6. Being a Parent

    Written by LazyNite:

    I think about how I’m partially responsible for how my child will act later in life all the time.

  7. Monotony

    Shared by Lost_in_costco:

    Monotony. You don’t realize how monotonous adult life is. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Always the same. Nothing to look forward to, nothing changing. Just the same day in and day out job. The same commute the same life. The daily monotonous routine. Only for you to retire and sit there in a total shock and daze to wonder, what now? I worked my entire life for this moment, but now what?

  8. Role-Reversal

    zazzlekdazzle wrote:

    Having to take care of my parents, the role-reversal where they become the child and I become the parent. It’s just hard to begin with, but it also goes in reverse from actual parenting. Their aging means that they will become more dependent and also more difficult, and I am never sure when the next stage of new problems with start. I always feel like I still don’t have the knack to handle all the problems at hand when new ones arise. And my parents, who I was one very close to, are no longer a source of support as they once were. So it feels like a lose-lose situation.

  9. Watching Young People

    Shared by Ratfor:

    I’m and old man, not sure I’ll ever be an adult.The hardest thing for me is watching young people making the same mistakes I did, and ignoring advice.

  10. Work

    Added by RedRiotGirl:

    Work. As an adult, I realized that I hate working.

  11. Looking in the Mirror

    amievenrealrightnow shared:

    Hardest part for me would have to be looking in the mirror every now and again and remembering I’m not 17, and that wasn’t even that long ago.

  12. Working, Cooking, Cleaning

    Added by tessellate05:

    Going to work everyday and cooking for yourself and cleaning and knowing that if you don’t do that, you won’t be able to pay rent or eat.

  13. Consequences and Responsibility

    Shared by noodle-face:

    Everything has serious consequences. When you’re a kid there’s always someone to fall back on to help you out (in most cases, I know some people have terrible parents or no parents). As an adult everything is on me. If I forget to pay my mortgage for 3 months I’m now homeless.