Happily Married Couple Considered Divorce Because Of Their 6-Year-Old Daughter


For many of us, health insurance is something we get through work or pay for privately through our state’s health care marketplace. If your insurance comes through an employer’s group plan, you’re limited to the benefits of that plan. If your insurance comes through your state’s health insurance marketplace, you have more options, but how much you’ll pay and what plans you qualify for depends on your annual income.

For many of us, health insurance is something that covers annual well visits and helps in the case of an emergency situation like an accident requiring hospitalization or an unexpected illness. For other people who are living with a disability or caring for someone with special needs, medical expenses can really add up quickly even with health insurance.

Jake and Maria Grey live in Texas with their two daughters. Their older daughter, who is just 6-years-old, was born with a genetic disorder that means she is basically still like an infant, and according to her mom, will need 24/7 care her entire life.

Even though the Greys have health insurance, they still have thousands of dollars worth of extra medical expenses to care for their special needs child. It’s a burden that’s hard for them to carry. Despite the cost, they don’t want to start a GoFundMe or ask for charity. Instead, they want the state of Texas to help them pay for their daughter’s medical bills.

The Greys are happily married, but they are considering getting divorced. As a married couple, they do not quality for medicaid, which would help them pay for their daughter’s medical costs. If they got divorced, Maria would be a single mom who doesn’t have a job. Maria would be able to get medicaid for her daughter.

Watch the video below to hear more about the Greys’ story and why they are considering getting a divorce.

Do you know anyone who has considered getting a divorce even though they are happily married? Do you think the Greys should get divorced so that their daughter will qualify for medicaid?