Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Rare Photo With Her Teenage Children

Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t always share pictures of her kids, but when she does, they look like a perfectly adjusted American family.

Paltrow has two children. Her daughter Apple was born in 2004, and her son Moses was born in 2006. Her children, who are now teenagers, were both born when Paltrow was married to Coldplay singer Chris Martin. Her marriage with Martin didn’t last, but the former couple decided they would try to make the divorce and divorced life as easy as possible on their children.

After 10 years of marriage, Paltrow filed for divorce in 2015, and the divorce was finalized in 2016. Two years later, in an interview with Stephen Colbert, Paltrow described her ex-husband as “like my brother.” She explained, “We’re very familiar. It’s nice. I think we genuinely wanted our kids to be as unscathed as possible. And we thought, if we could really maintain the family even though we weren’t a couple, that was kind of the goal. So that’s what we’ve tried to do.”

If the easy smiles on their faces are any evidence, Apple and Moses look pretty “unscathed” in a recent family photo Paltrow shared on Instagram. She captioned the post, “Summer 2022, you brought it all unsparingly. Elation, adventure, transition, joy and heartbreak alike. Thank you for your reminders, connections and deepenings.” She shared multiple photos of the summer, but in one particularly sweet photo, Paltrow stands between her son and daughter, her arms around them, a smile on her face.

In 2018, Paltrow married Glee producer Brad Falchuk, who has two teenage children of his own from a previous marriage. In a 2019 interview with Jimmy Kimmel on his show Jimmy Kimmel Live, Paltrow opened up about what it’s like to raise two children with her ex now that they have both moved on and remarried. Paltrow explained that she and Falchuk didn’t move in together right away because they wanted to give their children “a little space and not move too quickly.” She added, “Less merging originally, but now we’re merged.”

Have you ever stayed on good terms with an ex? What do you think of Paltrow’s summer 2022 photo with her children?