Guy Dislocates His Shoulder While Celebrating On ‘The Price Is Right’, Wife Has To Step In

Being a contestant on a popular game show can be very exciting for multiple reasons. Some people are thrilled at the idea of being on TV and saying hi to their friends and family at home. Even more exciting can be the prospect of winning a fantastic prize.

A contestant named Henry was very excited to be on the game show “The Price Is Right.” He even wore a “The Price Is Right” hoodie for the occasion.

When Henry ran on stage, he was so excited that he pumped his arms up and down. He was even more excited to learn what prize he was competing for – a trip to Hawaii! If he won, he and a guest would get to go to the big island of Hawaii for a 7-night trip. The prize included airfare, hotel accommodations and more.

In order to win the prize, Henry had to play a game called Bonkers. He only had 30 seconds to complete the game correctly. If he was correct, he would win the prize.

Game show host Drew Carey gave Henry a quick explanation of how the game worked, and then he started the 30 second countdown. Watch the video below to see Henry play Bonkers.

If you watched the video above, you know that Henry was correct on his very first try, and he won the prize! Henry was so excited that he pumped his arms up and down in victory, but it turns out that he celebrated a little bit too much.

Shortly after Henry found out that he won the prize, he realized some not so great news. While celebrating his victory, he had dislocated his shoulder, and his wife had to fill in for him as a contestant on the show. On Instagram, “The Price Is Right” shared, “He won a trip to Hawaii and the ER.” In an update to the caption, the show added, “Henry is feeling better and all healed now!”

Does it surprise you that a contestant could get injured celebrating a victory on a game show? How would you react if you dislocated your shoulder on a game show? Would you stay to finish the show or immediately go to the ER?