RECALL: Largest Grocery Chain Recalls Shrimp Because Of Potential Health Hazard

When you head to the grocery store with your shopping list in hand, your intention is to bring home food that your family will enjoy, and especially when you’re buying healthy items like fruits and veggies, you’re hoping the food you choose will contribute to your family’s health.

There aren’t many things that are more devastating than hearing about a recall for an item that you just bought at the grocery store and already ate. That was us during one of the recent Romain lettuce recalls. We immediately discarded all of the leftovers and thanked our lucky stars that we didn’t get sick.

There’s a new recall alert from Kroger, and if you live in Michigan, Ohio or Virginia, you better check your refrigerator and freezer.

This time, the recall is for various types of shrimp that were sold at stores owned by Kroger including Fry’s, Smith’s and King Soopers.

According to a press release, Kroger says you “should not eat the product” due to the fact that it “may be under-cooked, which could result in contamination by spoilage organisms or pathogens.”

Here is a full list of the shrimp that is included in the recall. Be sure to check the UPC codes for any shrimp you purchased.

Sand Bar Peeled / Cooked Shrimp 26/30 CPTO – UPC 11110-64115

Shrimp Cooked, Tail-On 26/30 Frozen Service Case – UPC 69439-XXXXX

Shrimp Grab & Go Service Case – UPC 69447-XXXXX

Shrimp Cooked 26/30 Seasoned Service Case – UPC 69472-XXXXX

Shrimp Cooked Tail-On 26/30 Frozen Service Case – UPC 89439-XXXXX

Shrimp 26/30 Cooked Service Case – UPC 89461-XXXXX

Shrimp Cooked 26/30 Seasoned Service Case – UPC 98107-XXXXX

Shrimp Cocktail 26/30 – UPC 99479-5XXXX

Peeled Cooked Shrimp 26/30 – 40401-370681

If you bought shrimp for your New Year’s Eve party (or otherwise) that was included in this recall, you should take it back to the store for a full refund right away. Don’t chance it. Don’t eat it.