Hair Colorist Help Clients Gradually Ditch the Dye and Embrace Their Grey

Jack Martin via Instagram

Many it’s due to stress caused by the pandemic. Maybe due to stress caused by our kids. Maybe it’s simply because we’re not getting any younger. Whatever the reason, every time we see a new grey hair, we wonder how much longer we can go before we’ll have to start dying our hair.

If you have grey hair or if you can relate to our plight of trying to hide new grey hair, you might find yourself wanting to embrace the greys after you see how beautiful grey hair can be.

Jack Martin is a celebrity colorist, but he doesn’t just transform grey hair so that it looks like it did when his clients were younger. Instead, he prefers to transform his clients’ hair to a beautiful shade of grey.

On Instagram, Martin posts before and after photos of his clients’ hair. If you don’t believe that gray is gorgeous, you just might change your mind after seeing his handiwork. These photos have us almost looking forward to going gray.

  1. Fewer Touchups Required

  2. Blending with the Natural Roots

  3. She Wants to Stop Coloring Her Hair

  4. Goodbye Red Hair

  5. Looking Glamorous

  6. Long Silver Hair

  7. Healthier Than Ever Before

  8. A Major Transformation

  9. Salt and Pepper Curls

  10. A Long Process with Amazing Results

  11. Icy Silver

  12. No More Hair Dye Required

  13. Embracing the Grey Roots