Stressful Situation For Gordon Ramsay As Squatters Take Over His Pub And Threaten Legal Action If He Removes Them From His Property

bossmoss via Deposit Photos

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is facing a distressing ordeal as squatters occupy his London pub, York and Albany, refusing to vacate the premises and even threatening legal action against attempts to remove them.

According to reports, a group of “professional squatters” have seized control of Ramsay’s pub, which is currently up for sale for a hefty $16.1 million. They have barricaded themselves inside, blocking entry with kitchen utensils and gluing the locks, while boldly displaying a “legal warning” sign on the front door.

The squatters claim that since the property is not a residential building, they have the right to occupy it without permission. While occupation of non-residential property without consent is not a crime in the U.K., the squatters have issued a warning against any eviction attempts, citing potential legal consequences for those who try to remove them forcibly.

Despite Ramsay’s efforts to regain control of the pub, including seeking an eviction notice and involving the police, the situation remains unresolved. The squatters, undeterred by the chef’s reputation for fiery temperament, seem determined to maintain their hold on the property.

This turn of events comes as a significant setback for Ramsay, who had been finalizing a new lease for the pub before it was infiltrated by the squatters. Their presence has disrupted operations and left locals bewildered as the squatters assert their claim to the premises.

The pub, leased by Ramsay on a 25-year term with an annual rent of $330,000, was purchased by film director Gary Love in 2017. Ramsay’s attempts to resolve the situation have been met with challenges, with the squatters showing no signs of backing down.

As Ramsay grapples with this unexpected crisis, the fate of York and Albany remains uncertain. With the squatters digging in their heels and legal proceedings looming, the celebrity chef finds himself entangled in a stressful battle to reclaim his property.

Hear more about the situation in the video below.

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