11 People Share the Pieces of “Good Advice” That Are Actually Really Bad

Image of woman scolding teenage girl.monkeybusiness via Deposit Photos

Some people say things with good intentions. We like to believe that nobody intentionally offers bad advice, but sometimes that’s exactly what happens.

You’ve probably had an experience when a friend, teacher or relative told you something that sounded like good advice, but you eventually (or right away) realized that it wasn’t good advice at all.

Reddit user charrotte asked, “What sounds like good advice but isn’t?” There are many great answers. Scroll down to see if you agree that this so-called good advice is actually bad advice.

  1. Following Up With a Hiring Manager

    Liberi_Fatali561 wrote:

    “Want that job? Just keep calling to check on the position. It ingrains you in the hiring manager’s mind and makes them consider you more when your resume makes it to the top of their stack.”How it really works: The manager goes through the stack of resumes, finds yours, and throws it out. Then sends you a polite rejection email. You’re meant to think the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but in reality, they just replace the wheel.

  2. “Marry a Doctor”

    DemandParticular shared:

    “Marry a doctor so you can live a better life.” My parents were never like this but I had aunts and uncles who would tell their kids this regularly.

  3. “Do What You Love”

    FlatWatercress added:

    “Just do what you love!” It sounds great but a lot of people aren’t good at what they love. It’s important to do things you love but find a way to make a living too

  4. “You Will Never Work Another Day in Your Life”

    QuarantineTitans explained:

    “If you get a job doing what you love, you will never work another day in your life.”Pretty quick way to murder all your favorite hobbies, and leave yourself with no means of escape or unwinding in your personal time. Happened to me when I transitioned from meditative painting to freelance artist. Biggest advice I give to aspiring artists, especially those who love drawing all day long and do nothing else: before going into art full-time, find a love for something completely unrelated to it.

  5. “Be Yourself”

    zazzledazzle shared:

    “Just be yourself.”At heart, this isn’t bad advice, but it is too vague to really be useful to someone who needs it. Better put: be cognizant that you want to make a good impression, but don’t do it in a way that misrepresents who you are or makes you uncomfortable.

  6. Family First

    0KelpShake0 answered:

    Always stick with family/Blood is thicker than water.Just because someone is blood related doesn’t mean you should keep them around.

  7. Vague Advice

    orange_cuse wrote:

    ANY advice that doesn’t include nuance is bad advice. ANY advice followed without honest, self-assessment, is bad advice.

  8. Live “Like It’s Your Last Day”

    glasstumble16 explained:

    Live each day like it’s your last. See, dying people can do this because they don’t have to deal with the consequences of their actions… you do.

  9. “Never Give Up”

    theredditer91 answered:

    “Never give up” – sometimes you do need to give something up imo.

  10. “Trust Your Feelings”

    Crystalluss wrote:

    “Trust your feelings.”Dangerous so-called advice. As someone with anxiety, I often have to fight against my own feelings, or rather, to keep them from controlling me. Not that our feelings don’t matter or that they’re never correct; however, they can and often will be extremely deceptive, and going based on your emotions alone is unwise. Sometimes, the answer is outside yourself, not inside. I can’t tell you how many times my mother has had to help me keep different situations in perspective.

  11. “Don’t Go to Bed Angry”

    AbortRetryImplode explained:

    Don’t go to bed angry with your significant other.Sometimes you just need to sleep on things and take time to cool down….especially if you’re like me and grouchy AF when you’re tired. Don’t try to force a resolution to a conflict.