Go Green & Save Money in Your Kitchen

Heather Levin of the The Greenest Dollar has a recent post titled “5 Low-Cost Ways To Green Your Kitchen“. Sounds pretty good to us. The 5 ways are noted below, but this short outline does not do her post justice, so be sure to click through to her website and read the full article.

1. Green Your Dish Routine – “Energy Star dishwasher uses 41% less energy than regular models” and “if you use the air-dry setting, you’ll save 50% more energy”

2. Learn To Love Your Microwave – “using a microwave uses two thirds less energy than using your oven”

3. Green Your Cookware – Heather provides a long explanation about this one — mainly focusing on the harmful effects of Teflon. She suggests getting pots and pans that aren’t covered with Teflon, and also suggests a cheap alternative: “You can usually find cast iron pots and pans at any thrift store or garage sale, and they’re very safe to use”

4. Green Your Fridge – “Your refrigerator is one of the biggest energy hogs in your home” and “its energy hog-ness is only topped by the pool and spa hogs”. She includes a graph and a couple of suggestions for how to lower your fridge’s energy costs.

5. Stop Using Paper Towels – “the key to successfully ditching your paper towels is to have a basket of ‘clean up rags’ right where your paper towels used to be”

5 Low-Cost Ways To Green Your Kitchen
Source: The Greenest Dollar

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