A Girl Calls Her Awkward Dad To The Dance Floor, And Then He Steals The Show


We’ve seen quite a few exceptional father daughter dances through the years. Most of these dances take place at a wedding reception.

Sometimes a father daughter dance is exceptional because the father and daughter simply know how to dance well, but usually it’s because they decided to choreograph a special dance to surprise their guests, and their guests are certainly surprised.

Why wait until the wedding day to create an exceptional father daughter dance and surprise your guests? A birthday party that’s truly a rite of passage works just as well.

It was Jessica Hanley’s birthday, but it wasn’t just any birthday. It was her Bat Mitzvah, an extra special celebration when a Jewish girl turns 13 years old. With her family and friends gathered around, it was time for her to share a special dance with her father, comedian Mike Hanley.

Guests gathered round to watch the special dance, and everything started out normally enough. Mike and Jessica danced to the song “My Girl” which certainly seemed appropriate for the occasion. Guests can even be heard singing along with the lyrics.

Then, the music stopped and Jessica jumped away from her father. At first, he looked unhappy about the change, but it immediately became clear that this was all part of their plan. What followed was an epic father daughter dance that crossed musical genres and included a wide variety of dance styles.

As the music changed, the guests smiled and laughed. The DJ in the background even seemed impressed by this surprising dance.

Watch the video below to see this epic father daughter dance for yourself.

There was a short part where the music cut out, but we counted 19 different songs in addition to “My Girl.” That’s quite impressive.

Which was your favorite song from this dance mash up?