The Geometry of This Virginia House Is Just Really Baffling


Plan on moving to Virginia, or are just in awe by architecture? This house is going to charm you like no other. And by luck, it’s currently for sale on Zillow!

The home (or should be say dome?) is located in Annandale and is 3,758 square feet. It contains four spacious bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and is listed as a “unique opportunity”—which perfectly suits the aesthetics and geometry of the house.

Just from the exterior, you can tell this is a home like no other. The circular roof makes it feel like you’re living inside a spaceship—and that’s just the beginning.

On the inside, you’ll walk in to “soaring ceilings” and “sunny skylights,” as the home’s descriptions states. The walls contain a distinctive geometric pattern that almost acts as an optical illusion the longer you stare at it. The pattern is all throughout the home, giving it a unique yet cohesive feel.

After being mesmerized by the spacious living area, you can then take the immaculate spiral staircase up to a Cupola. There’s a roomy loft, plus an attic for everything you need to put away in storage.

Going all the way down to the ground level, you have a three-car garage equipped with a workshop. Oh, and let’s not forget the amazing multi-level backyard on one acre of land, with a stone patio perfect for entertaining. We bet no one has been to a party quite like the one the new homeowner will throw there.

Now here comes the best part. The home is completely functional, not just aesthetically pleasing. For example, the “out of this world” kitchen, besides its gorgeous Silestone countertops, it also has an eat-in island and expansive pantry for all your cooking needs. The master suite has a private deck complete with a lounge tub for optimal relaxation. Bonus: The home also comes with a whole-house generator, which turns on a mere 10 seconds after the power is lost. And yes, a larg

e laundry room is also inside.

What more could you ask for? It truly feels like you’re living in an alternate universe—heck the listing even says, “Blast off to see!”

If you’re looking to buy, the home is selling for $850,000. And even if you’re not,  you can view the listing here. It’s truly a home like you’ve never seen!

What do you think of this unique Virginia home? Would you ever want to live in a house like this? What’s your favorite aspect of this home?