Gary Busey Charged with Sex Crime – Strange Behavior Afterwards

s_bukley via Deposit Photos

Actor Gary Busey was in New Jersey last week for the Monster-Mania convention. While there, multiple women accused him of sexual harassment.

An attorney representing the Monster-Mania convention told TMZ, “Our client, Monster-Mania LLC, is assisting authorities in their investigation into an alleged incident involving an attendee and a celebrity guest at its convention in Cherry Hill, New Jersey last weekend. Immediately upon receiving a complaint from the attendee, the celebrity guest was removed from the convention and instructed not to return. Monster-Mania also encouraged the attendees to contact the police to file a report.”

According to police in Cherry Hill, Busey, who is 78 years old, was charged with harassment as well as 2 counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual contact and a 1 count of attempted criminal sexual contact.

According to FOX29, three women has so far reported that Busey touched them inappropriately during the meet and greet.

When Busey returned home to Malibu, California, a TMZ reporter stopped him at a gas station to ask him about the incident in New Jersey. According to Busey, the women are lying. He said, “None of that happened.” He added, “There was a partner, and a camera lady and me. Two girls. The only ones in there. It took less than 10 seconds, and they left. Then they made up this story that I assaulted them sexually when I did not.”

According to Busey, the photographer and partner that were with him at the event will back up his story that he is innocent and didn’t do anything wrong.

The story doesn’t end there. TMZ asked Busey about weird behavior that occurred after he returned home to Malibu. The reporter said to Busey, “There were photos of you with your pants down in a park yesterday. Anything, anything that you can say about that?” Busey did not answer the question.

The reporter was referring to photos that were taken of Busey at Point Dume Park in Malibu just one day after the accusations at the convention in New Jersey. Busey was seen sitting on a park bench, looking around to make sure nobody was watching, and then putting a hand down his pants. There are shocking photos of Busey sitting on the park bench in the middle of the day with his pants down to his knees. Afterwards, he smoked a cigar while looking at the ocean before leaving the park. This all happened in the middle of the day.

Do you think Busey will be found guilty of the charges against him in New Jersey?