Forget Those Expiration Dates! Here’s How to Make Sure That Your Eggs Are Really Fresh

Here at TipHero, we’ve given you A LOT of useful facts about eggs, from making them delicious to informing you about the virtues of buying cage-free. Now, we’ve got a super useful way to test whether or not your eggs are still fresh or not. Get ready to open up at the fridge— we know you’re going to want to try this cool experiment right away!

So, how do you know if an egg is still “good” or not? If you’ve been following our recent exposés on the protein-filled wonders, then you’d be well aware of the fact that expiration dates don’t always necessarily have a direct correlation with freshness.

Luckily, there’s a foolproof test that will help you ensure that the eggs in your fridge are still good to eat. This tip comes courtesy of our buds over at YouTube’s One Pot Chef Show. Just grab a glass of water and get ready to find out the truth about that questionable carton of eggs in your ice box!

Start by filling that glass with tap water, then set it on top of a solid surface. Next, gingerly place the egg into the glass. Be sure that you perform this step oh-so carefully; we are working with a delicate egg after all!

So, how is your egg looking in that glass of water? If it immediately sinks, then congratulations—your egg is still delicious and ready to eat!

However, if your egg floats, then throw it away, right away! According to the One Pot Chef Show, “It [the egg] is no longer safe to eat, it is spoiled. It has got bacterial contamination inside.” Yuck! Aren’t you happy you took the time to check the freshness of the egg?

It’s important to remember that, if one of your eggs doesn’t pass the freshness test, not all eggs in your carton are necessarily spoiled. When in doubt, just perform the test, and it will help to ensure that what you are getting ready to eat is meant to be consumed.

Though the “float test” is by far the least invasive freshness test out there, there is also another popular one out there for you to try, too! We found this cool trick via Countryside Daily. They suggest trying what is called the “bowl test.” If you skipped the float test, but then noticed that the shell is particularly difficult to crack, then it may be time to try this one.

Simply give the shell a small crack and hold it up to your nose; if it smells rotten, then throw the egg away! If you still aren’t too sure, dump the egg into a bowl. If you see a lack of egg white, then that probably means that the egg has already turned. As the older timers say, “If in doubt, throw it out.” Will do!

Watch One Pot Chef Show’s video below to learn even more about inspecting your eggs!

What do you think about this freshness check? Do you have any egg-related tips of your own? Tell us all about your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!