France and Germany Will Impose National Lockdowns Amid Alarming Surge in Coronavirus Cases

France and Germany have both announced that they will be imposing lockdowns in the month of November. 

Starting November 2nd, Germany will close bars and restaurants as well as put other restrictions in place. For example, theaters and gyms will also be closed. Professional sports teams will be allowed to keep playing, but the stadiums will be empty. 

In a news conference, Chancellor Angela Merkel explained, “Within weeks we will reach the limits of our health system. It is completely clear that we must act, and act now, to prevent a national health crisis.”

Although Ms Merkel admitted that the restrictions were “burdensome,” she emphasized that they are necessary. The number of patients admitted to German hospitals has doubled in the past 10 days.

The German media is calling this “lockdown light” since the restrictions aren’t as severe as they were in the spring. For example, schools will remain open.

Meanwhile, in France, President Emmanuel Macron explained the lockdown on a live television broadcast. He said that due to limited hospital capacity, they simply had no choice but to enforce another lockdown for at least a month.

All gatherings in France will be prohibited. All non-essential businesses will closed. That includes bars and restaurants. As many people as possible will be working from home and universities will switch to online classes.

France’s lockdown begins October 30th and will last through December 1st. Mr. Macron acknowledged that he knows everyone is growing weary but that the lockdown is important.

Watch the video below for more details about these new lockdowns in France and Germany.

Does it surprise you that France and Germany are going to be enforcing lockdowns for at least a month? Do you think these lockdowns are a good idea?