Footage Released Of One Of Bruce Willis’s Final Films Before ‘Stepping Away’ From Acting

Lionsgate Movies via YouTube

You may know Bruce Willis him from some pretty excellent movies like “Die Hard” and “Sixth Sense.” However, Willis revealed not long ago that he had to take a step away from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia, a brain disorder affecting his ability to communicate and understand language.
According to the Mayo Clinic, common symptoms of aphasia include speaking or writing words and sentences that don’t make sense or not being able to always understand what other people are saying. Mix that with acting and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. (You can learn more about the condition from Dr. Gayatri Devi, a professor of neurology at Hofstra University, who made an appearance on the TODAY show not long after Willis’ diagnosis came out).
Don’t worry, Willis is actually doing all right. He’s married to Emma Heming and share two daughters, Mabel Ray, 10, and Evelyn Penn, 8. They’re also close with his ex-wife Demi Moore, who actually shared the news about Willis’ aphasia diagnosis initially (Willis and Moore share children, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah). Though Moore and Willis aren’t together, their children love both of their parents, and Moore still cares deeply for Willis.

And, lucky for us, right before he stepped away from acting, Willis was actually still in the process of making several movies, one of them being “Detective Knight: Redemption.” A seemingly thriller-like Christmas movie, the trailer was just released right in time for the holidays.

In the film, Willis plays Knight, a detective who is now in prison and finds himself in the middle of a jailbreak staged by “The Christmas Bomber,” who terrorizes the city along with a slew of criminals dressed as Santa Claus. Creepy!

“With the promised return of his badge in exchange for taking out the terrorists, the steely-eyed Knight doles out mercy for the just — and merciless justice for all the rest,” ,” the official synopsis reads.

Willis was always acting in films that were unique like this. In fact, this new film has us thinking about the popular fan debate over whether Willis’ iconic 1988 film Die Hard qualifies as a Christmas movie—some people say yes, since it place on Dcember 25th, but since it’s such a non-cliché action film, many people say no.

This new film is certainly a Christmas movie, but isn’t giving us the warm and fuzzies the way classics like Home Alone or Elf do. It does, however, look like an amazing film! Check out the official trailer below.

Mark your calendar for December 9, 2022, which is when the film is set to be released!