Food Was Disappearing So He Hid A Camera, Then Can’t Believe What He Sees When She Crawls Out Of Her Hiding Spot


Joe Cummings lives in a New York City apartment with his girlfriend. In a video he posted to YouTube, he explained what prompted him to hide a camera in his kitchen. He explained, “So, I kept on finding food missing in my apartment that I knew I wasn’t eating.”

Since Cummings lives with his girlfriend, he thought perhaps she was eating the food when he wasn’t around. She claimed she wasn’t the one eating the missing food, but he didn’t believe her. He decided, “I’m going to set up a video camera. I’m going to catch her.”

He proceeded to set up a video camera in his apartment’s kitchen. The video did end up showing what was happening to the missing food, but it was not what he was expecting.

Two hours after he set up the video camera, a woman, who Cummings clearly identifies as “not my girlfriend,” climbs out of an upper cupboard in the kitchen. She uses a small table and a tall stool to help her get down to the ground. She clearly knows what she’s doing as if she’s done this before, because she has.

As the video continues, Cummings discovers that in addition to helping herself to whatever food is in the kitchen, this stranger is also peeing in his kitchen sink. She drinks what appears to be milk directly out of the carton while still holding the refrigerator door open.

At one point, she frantically runs into the living room and hides. Cummings walks into the kitchen, unaware of what has just happened. He opens the refrigerator to get something to drink and then walks off camera, most likely back to his bedroom, not yet having any idea that a woman he doesn’t know is hiding nearby.

After he leaves the kitchen, the woman enters again, continuing to make herself at home, freely eating his food. Then she eventually climbs back up to the upper kitchen cupboard. She uses the tall stool and small table to climb up, being careful to put things back the way she found them.

When Cummings looked at the video footage, he was shocked. He called police to arrest the woman. Police later told him that they believe the woman originally broke into his apartment with the intention of robbing him, but it seems she felt too comfortable there to leave. Police believe she had been living there for about two weeks before Cummings found out.

Watch the video below to see this hidden camera footage for yourself.