Flower Men Step in When Flower Girl Falls Asleep at Wedding

Flower Girl Falls Asleep at Wedding

Little kids have the super ability to nap almost anywhere. Kids 3 and under usually have a nap time and sometimes you will see them sleeping in a stroller, at the park or even at the airport.

Briana Imbriano was able to record the moment her 1-year old daughter Charlotte Rose slept right in the middle of her flower girl duty for her cousin’s wedding.

Two male wedding stand ups made the best out of the situation by carrying the sleeping toddler down the aisle and sprinkling flower petals as they pranced down the aisle with their sunglasses on.

The hilarious TikTok video has received millions of views since it was uploaded October 10. There are thousands of comments on TikTok, with many people finding the video hilarious.

@brianalynn_i they understood the assignment 😎#flowermen #cousins #wedding ♬ original sound – brianalynn

Apparently, the family loved Charlotte’s little nap too. “In my sister’s (bride) eyes and my brother-in-law’s (groom) eyes, my daughter is an angel so … anything she does is perfect. So it didn’t matter if she was sleeping or walking, she was there so it was perfect,” said Imbriano.