Florida Siblings, 10 and 11, Gone Missing Were Found Joy Riding in Mother’s Stolen Car

Alachua County Sheriff via Facebook

As a parent, it’s sometimes necessary to make decisions that your children don’t like. For example, one mom decided to take away her children’s electronic devices due to the way they were using them. She never expected her children to react the way they did. At ages 10 and 11, they stole her car.

The mom didn’t know her children had taken her car, so she reported two separate crimes to the police department. She reported that her car had been stolen, and she reported that her children were missing.

The Alachua County Sheriff’s office posted about the unusual and related crimes on their Facebook page. The post explains, “At around 3:50 a.m., Deputies located a white sedan traveling on I-75 in the City of Alachua. The vehicle was reported stolen out of North Port, Florida causing deputies to conduct a high risk traffic stop.” 

The post continues, “Much to their surprise, Deputies observed a 10 year old male driver exit the vehicle, along with his 11 year old sister. It was learned that the siblings had been reported as missing to the North Port Police Department and that the stolen vehicle belonged to their mother.”

Many people commented on the post, and many of those comments expressed confusion and concern. The police department decided to provide more context about what happened.

In a comment on the post, the police department shared, “It was learned that both children were upset with their mother because she took away their electronic devices, which is believed to have been done because they were not using them appropriately. The children did speak with both Deputies and Detectives and those conversations did not lead to any belief that the children were mistreated by their parent or any other person within the home.”

The children’s mother did not want to press charges. As a result, “the only criminal charge available to the Deputies related to this incident would have be driving without a valid license since the owner of the vehicle did not wish to pursue criminal charges. This crime is a criminal traffic violation and a juvenile will not be accepted into the department of juvenile justice for misdemeanor criminal traffic.”

Watch the video below to learn more about this unusual story.

How would you react if you found out your children stole your car?