Florida Restaurant Faces Backlash for Their ‘Mask Policy’

BeckyJack's Food Shack

At this point in the COVID-19 pandemic, you probably take your mask everywhere you go—from the grocery store to the doctor’s office or even just a walk outside, face masks have become just another part of our wardrobe.

Masks have been proven to be effective in decreasing the spread of COVID-19, and really, any virus at all. The flu and cold numbers are down this year, with a huge part of that being that many have complied with incorporating mask-wearing into their routine.

Well, most of us anyway. Of course, there are still those anti-masker entitled “Karens” who think that wearing a mask simply doesn’t apply to them. For example, this woman literally threw a temper tantrum in Costco when employees asked her to put on a mask.

While we expect to see people refusing to wear masks, we never really expected to see a business tell customers that masks aren’t required.

However, one establishment in Florida called Beckyjack’s Food Shack posted a photo to Facebook on Valentine’s Day of this controversial sign taped to its window.

“Face diapers not required,” it said. “Everyone welcome.

Howdy Folks!

Happy Valentine’s Day

A friendly reminder that we DO NOT require Face Masks.

We’re open from 12 -8 today.

~The Shack Family

Posted by BeckyJack’s Food Shack on Sunday, February 14, 2021

The caption to the post said, “A friendly reminder that we DO NOT require face masks.”

Can they do this? They can—the CDC leaves the decision about mask-wearing up to local governments. “It’s recommended that customers, employees and employers consult CDC guidance, and utilize face masks when social distancing measures cannot be maintained,” the website says.

In Hernando County, Florida Gov. Ron Desantis’ executive order does not mandate the use of masks.

The post has received a lot of attention, both negative and positive.

On the negative side, people are not very into the idea of dining at a restaurant that doesn’t care about keeping customers safe. “Soooooo… you don’t like to follow health and hygiene guidelines then? 🤢 yes please ill have a side of salmonella with my covid air thank you,” someone wrote.

However, others make the point that when you dine at a restaurant, you take your mask off anyway—so what’s the difference? “If anyone has been here they’d know it’s like literally two feet from the door to a table. You’re going to wear a mask to take two steps then take it off at the table? You’re all breathing the same air while you eat. Just stay home if you’re that nervous about it” someone commented.

One person pointed out that just because it isn’t required doesn’t mean you HAVE to not wear one—it simply leaves the choice up to you: “It says Not Required. Your choice. Wear a mask if you feel strongly that it protects you. That’s fine. No problem. Wear two. You should be safe to go in. OR Don’t go in. Again, it is your choice.”

What’s your stance on a restaurant not requiring masks? Would you feel comfortable eating here or would you choose another restaurant?