Electrician Rallies Local Contractors to Fix Elderly Woman’s Crumbling Home for Free

There are good people in the world, and then there are great people in the world. Especially during the time of a pandemic when everything seems pretty much upside down, we need to hear more stories about the great people in the world. This is one of those stories, but it’s not just a story; it’s true.

It all started when a nice old lady named Gloria noticed sparks coming from a light fixture. She went to her neighbor to ask for help, and her neighbor gave her the phone number of an electrician who ended up fixing so much more than her light.

The electrician, John Kinney, arrived at her home and fixed her light, but he noticed that she was having multiple electrical problems. She didn’t have a stove. Her refrigerator was plugged into an extension cord. Multiple lights weren’t working. He decided to fix all of her electrical problems.

Once he got the lights working, he noticed that her home needed a lot of help. The ceilings were practically falling down, and so were the gutters. The steps outside were dangerous, and her yard was filled with overgrown trees and brush. She also had plumbing issues that needed to be fixed, and she told him that “critters” often came into her home.

Kinney decided that he needed to help her get her house fixed so that it would be safe. He pulled together professionals who would volunteer their time to fix up her home, but they still needed money to pay for materials. He set up a fundraiser on Facebook to raise money for the building materials. 

The fundraiser total was set at $75,000, and in just 17 days, he has already raised over $63,000 to pay for the necessary building materials.

Watch the video below to see Kinney and the countless volunteers he pulled together in action as they repair Gloria’s home.