Here’s an Easy Way to Fix Painful Bra Underwire

Ladies, how disheartening is it when you feel that painful poke in your ribs? You know the one I’m talking about. That’s your bra underwire, breaking free from the fabric and sticking you with every step you take. Ouch. It’s irritating and often painful, sure, but the worst part is you know you now have to toss out a perfectly good bra! And spend a pretty penny replacing it, too. If you’re very attached to your bra and the underwire comes out to play, you don’t have to toss it out! You can fix your bra underwire with this simple trick and let your favorite brazier live to see another day. Watch the video below to see the easy way to solve this literal pain in your side.

The solution to painful underwire is simple, really. The entire bra hack is in one basic material: medical gauze tape.


  • Gauze tape
  • Your favorite bra
  • Tacking stitches

Step 1: Tuck your underwire into your bra.
Step 2: Cut a piece of medical gauze and tape the underwire down, folding the top of the tape over the bra.
Step 3: If you need a more permanent hold, do a tacking stitch along the fabric seam to keep it in place.

Taping your underwire down? That’s the big secret? Well, yes and no.

You can’t just tape your underwire down with Scotch tape or duct tape – well, you could, but that would be just as uncomfortable as your underwire sticking you! Plus, these solutions may not last for quite as long.

However, medical gauze tape is the perfect fix. It’s insanely sticky, so when you put this tape over your underwire it’s not going ANYWHERE. The other great thing is that this tape is actually just fabric with an adhesive background, so it’s going to be very comfortable up against your chest.

Would duct tape be that comfy against your skin? Probably not.

Now, although this is great for a quick fix, you will have to change the gauze tape the more frequently you wear the bra. And this is ideal for comfort, not necessarily style; the top of the tape will stick up and fold over the top of the bra, so a tiny bit of tape will show.

If you want something a little more permanent or easily concealable, you’ll want to try a tacking stitch along the broken fabric. Tacking stitches are ideal for keeping together broken seams, so this technique will make your bra look good as new.

Have you fixed a broken bra in this way? How did it work? Share your experiences in the comments section below.